Corporate Responsibility

First and foremost, safety. Recognizing that our work often involves working with regulated and hazardous substances, as well as with potentially dangerous heavy equipment, B&B takes pride in our safe work record. B&B personnel always have current OSHA 1910.120 HAZWOPER training updates.  We value the well-being of our employees, and we strive to keep our work zones safe for the benefit of our employees as well as the benefit of our clients and their personnel, customers, and the general public. We realize our safe work practices reflect positively on our clients.

The premise for much of our work is the protection of our environment and the protection of human health that comes with recognizing and minimizing environmental degradation.  B&B will always work within the applicable regulatory framework to meet our clients’ goals and our clients’ regulatory obligations. By doing so, we protect our clients from unnecessary legal liability while we help them reach the environmental objectives for their site.

B&B strives to maintain an inclusive working environment in which all of our employees feel respected and empowered.  As a woman-owned business and an equal opportunity employer, B&B embraces diversity among our employees, regardless of gender, race, nationality, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or background.